Welcome Back To PRISM-WV, Where History Comes Alive! 06-22-2013 3-5PM EDT.

October 2012 176

Welcome back to our virtual chats with Dr. Bill Obrien and Professor Keith Lilly!

Prism-WV,: The Mission of Prism-West Virginia
“This program is designed to honor the legacy of America’s past by entrusting that legacy to those most responsible for keeping it alive – an informed and involved citizenry.  Its mission, then, is to inform and to inspire.  Its focus is on America’s Founders – their ideals, values, and principles – as these helped shape national policy and priority though the nation’s history and continue to define its moral compass in an ever-changing, challenging world.”

Go to the link above and join us at 3-5 pm ET. for interactive LIVE chat with streaming video of our lectures! We have the technology that brings you to your classroom and allows for questions to be addressed while the chat is in progress.  This is the classroom where there will always be a seat saved for you!

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