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June 11, 2013

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Our discussion yesterday had a Deja vu quality due to the phrase, American Exceptionalism.  This idea has been coming up frequently, not just in our conversations, but in others as well.  We discussed a piece written by Dave Sirota, where he asks a very important and observant question. “American Exceptionalism” is perhaps the most misunderstood phrase in politics. If, like the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, we define “exceptionalism” as “the condition of being different from the norm” — then it’s certainly true that America is exceptional. But we rarely stop to ask: Should we always want to be exceptional?”

Here is another link to an individual mentioned in our discussions as well.

Lewis Franklin Powell, Jr. (September 19, 1907 – August 25, 1998) was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He developed a reputation as a judicial moderate, and was known as a master of compromise and consensus-building. He was known for drafting the Powell Memorandum, a confidential memorandum for the US Chamber of Commerce that described a road map to defend and further their concept of free-enterprise capitalism against real and/or perceived socialist, communist, and fascist cultural trends.[2]“

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