PRISM-WV, LIVE Today 3-5 PM ET! 05-04-2013

May 4, 2013

PRISM-WV History Chat

Liberty's Surest Guardian

Join us today for our LIVE chat with Dr. Jeremi Suri!

Curriculum Vitae

Education: PhD, Yale University; MA, Ohio University; BA, Stanford University


Bio Sketch:

I am a child of the global transformations that re-made societies in the last century–war, migration, nation-building, and mobility through higher education.  All of my research, writing, and teaching seeks to explain these transformations–their diverse origins, their contradictory contours, and their long-lasting effects.  My scholarship is therefore an extended inquiry into the workings of power at local and international levels, and the interactions across these levels. Like other historians, I treat power as contingent, context-dependent, and often quite elusive. Like practitioners of politics, I view power as  essential for any meaningful achievement, especially in the realms of social justice and democratization.

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