Welcome Back To PRISM-WV LIVE, 3-5pm ET….Where History Comes Alive! 02-24-2013


“Of necessity, the program seeks most directly to affect the direction and the quality of what happens in our American history classrooms – for teachers and their students.  Ultimate success for the Prism-West Virginia program will be measured by its impact on students – on their improved knowledge of content, yes, but also on an overall change in attitude toward learning, toward scholarship and those who produce it, and most especially toward their willingness to take on and address meaningfully some the more profound questions which affect their lives and the quality of life for those around them.”

This is where history comes alive in a classroom!  Dr. Bill O’Brien and Professor Keith Lilly bring the past to the present by using technology, literature and their individual passions for the past  for some of the best experiences in education!  PRISM-WV was designed to engage not only educators, but everyone who wishes to learn more about our Founding Fathers, the Constitution and what has shaped our nation since her inception.

Come join us LIVE!  PRISM chat is just a click away!

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