Thursday 01-31-2013: LIVE from DC, Families USA Health Action 2013!

Bob Families USA

Please join us Thursday, January 31, through Saturday, February 2, 2013, LIVE from Washington, DC. for the Families USA Health Action 2013 Conference!

“As health care advocates, we are all struggling to rise to the different opportunities and challenges we face. Our work has many facets. We’re fighting for full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. We are constantly defending our public health insurance programs at the federal and state levels. Many of us are working on system reform, improving quality and controlling costs. In addition, we are gearing up for the biggest push for outreach and enrollment in health insurance in our nation’s history.

The work of state advocates, national advocacy organizations, and health care and policy professionals is critical in reaching our shared goals of increased access to quality, affordable health care for every American. The Health Action Conference provides an incredible opportunity for us to come together to discuss our challenges and make ambitious plans for the coming year.”  Please follow Families USA: Health Action 2013 link for the rest of the information!

The Health Action 2013 Conference Agenda is an exciting one! You have the opportunity to participate in creating a healthy and humane existence for all.  By working together we’ll make this dream a reality!

Also, we wish Bob a very Happy Birthday!  It’s wonderful to be sharing our days with our H.O.R.N. family and friends and participating in progressive movements that will span generations to come.  Thank you all for making the world a better place!  We’ll be waiting for you!

Following on Twitter?  Please look for #HA2013 and .@FamiliesUSA for all the latest information.

Also, please go and read about the ACHE ACT. Call your Representatives and ask them to support and sign on to this life saving bill! Together we can make a difference for many generations to come!

To contact Bob please email: bobkincaid[at]gmail[dot]com. You might also catch Bob in the Chatroom.  Find Bob and all past HORN  family archives as well as other liberal talk hosts at the White Rose Society.  Check it out!


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