Titanic Tuesday…..Days Like These….01-29-2013

Bob in San Francisco

Bob’s back and ready to get behind the mic!  Over the past week there have been multiple marches spanning across the United States for everything from “Gun Control” to “Right to Life” vs. “Pro Life” so there isn’t any shortage of things to talk about!  Join in the conversation LIVE from DC, where the issues are heating up and folks have made it clear on what issues they’re standing for and where the line has been drawn on how much they’ll concede!

Until we get together for our conversation here are a few of the issues that hasn’t really seen the spotlight they deserved!  Our News Ninja Gene sent this link so that the “Day of Remembrance” is precisely that, remembering not only those who died in the Holocaust, but how it all began in the first place. “Every year, on 27 January,  the world celebrates the ‘International Holocaust Remembrance Day’ in honor and in memory of the victims of Hitler’s omnipotence fury. However, most people are not aware that the Nazi genocide started from disabled people. Persons with handicaps were the first guinea pigs designated for all extermination, sterilization and euthanasia techniques – later applied also to homosexuals, gypsies and political opponents – that finally culminated in the Holocaust of the Jewish population. An extermination, accurately organized, of all those considered as ‘different’ by  totalitarianism.”

The importance of remembering is that we never see such atrocities ever again and to keep a vigilant eye on those who would take us down the path to perdition.  It seems there have been more than a few who would see the poor, the disabled and the old cast aside and left to suffer and die, while demanding that child bearing aged women make more people without regard to their health and welfare.  We need a sign that states “Sanctuary” because if things don’t even out and people don’t come together then history has a way of repeating itself.

Also, please go and read about the ACHE ACT. Call your Representatives and ask them to support and sign on to this life saving bill! Together we can make a difference for many generations to come!

That and more in the coming three hours of Conversation Radio!” Join us!

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