PRISM-WV: History Is Essential To Navigating Your Way To The Future! 12-16-2012

Welcome back to our continuing journey into the past with PRISM-WV!  The conversation, the information and instruction in our history chats is one of the most exciting educational experiences  that’s shared with everyone, from Teachers continuing certifications for advancement in their degrees, to High School students learning a little extra to assist in Civics and History in general.

Both Dr. Keith Lilly and Dr. Bill O’Brien bring to life events that have passed us by in an effort to engage us in a love of history as well as hearing exactly what was transpiring at the moment of monumental change, written in the hands of the men who were the shakers and movers of that time!

Please join us at the link above, 3-5 pm ET. and jump in the live chat!  If you have any questions, please email mramsey(at) and they will be addressed during the session.  Learning and interaction have been made easy for your participation and we’ll save you a seat!

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