Thorn In The Side Thursday…Always On Alert! 11-29-2012

D.C. is always on alert and today proved to be no different.  We’re not sure exactly what caused the chaos but every form of emergency vehicle was present near the capital and the crowds on the street were waiting and watching to see what happened next!  Everything was systematically handled and order restored rather quickly as life resumed as it had been before all the hubbub had broken out.  Needless to say the family and I were impressed with the efficiency of all involved, whether it was a drill or an actual threat I truly doubt anyone but those closely involved know the cause, yet the level of order maintained was extraordinary!

While we were observing this incident Capital Hill was focusing on the fiscal cliff and it’s negotiations.  “WASHINGTON—Congressional leaders remained at odds Thursday over the progress of negotiations to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, with House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) saying no “substantive progress” had been made, and Democrats saying they were confident an agreement could be reached by Christmas. “  “Mr. Boehner said he was “disappointed” at the lack of progress, a change in tone from earlier this week when he said he was optimistic a compromise could be reached. He said that his downbeat assessment was based both on a phone conversation he had Wednesday night with President Barack Obama and his meeting Thursday morning with Mr. Geithner.”

“President Barack Obama made an opening bid in budget talks with Republicans that calls for a $1.6 trillion tax increase, a $50 billion economic-stimulus program and new power to raise the federal debt limit without congressional approval, a broad set of demands Republicans viewed as a step back in talks to avoid looming tax increases and spending cuts.”

It looks as if the holiday season will be a turbulent one on the Hill given the inability of the GOP to work and play well with others!

Also, please go and read about the ACHE ACT. Call your Representatives and ask them to support and sign on to this life saving bill! Together we can make a difference for many generations to come!

That and more in the coming three hours of Conversation Radio!” Join us!

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