Moran Monday.. Jaded 11-19-2012

Fear, greed and power struggles have been with us since the inception of man.  We’re not only a territorial bunch but we’re mean to a fault. To rule our little chunk of rock, to hold on to an idea for as long as possible, (it doesn’t have to be right or good).  We’ll move heaven and earth even if it means the sacrifice of the many for the few. In history we see stories of the men who fought for the right to serve their people vs. the men who sent others to do their biding.  I’ll leave it to you to take  note of which ones ruled well and which ones weren’t so beloved.

We have the ability to live and choose what we want and we’re still not happy to live and let live.  Society norms change from day to day but figuring out what’s acceptable and what’s not is really the individuals choice, it isn’t a public poll of if you’re a good person or not.  We’re jading the next generation because everything we do is right in their faces.  The bigotry, death, destruction and hatred are streamed live to your TV’s and your computers and it seems more people pay attention to the bad more so than any of the good.

We’ve got problems but they aren’t insurmountable. We just have to work together  and wait for the GOP/Tea Party to get past their desire to shove us back into time where the elite ruled and the peopled served and everyone was happy, right?  Never mind revolution and anarchy pervaded the lands.  It’s no matter that people fought and died for democracy. It’s just the way some people see the world and I hope they find their Utopia in a far far away land where they can find a consensus based agreement of how they live their lives.  Good luck with that.

Also, please go and read about the ACHE ACT. Call your Representatives and ask them to support and sign on to this life saving bill! Together we can make a difference for many generations to come!

That and more in the coming three hours of Conversation Radio!” Join us!

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