PRISM-WV History Chat LIVE! 11-10-12

Welcome to the gate way of the future!  LIVE History chats that are streamed directly to you! Taught by educators who’ve dedicated their lives to the persuit of our past, the people who lived them, and the lessons we can take away from the men and women who participated in making not only their nation, but the world at large, a very different and evolving planet to live upon.  Please join in our live discussions for a much more interactive experience and have any questions answered while our chat is in progress! Knowledge is the key to building a better world, and Dr. Bill O’Brien and Professor Keith Lilly bring the past alive, which makes you feel like you’re a participant rather than just a spectator.

So we’ll hold a seat for you, and if you miss our live chats please feel free to go back through our archives of sessions past!  PRISM-WV is dedicated to sharing knowledge and community for the betterment of future generations and we hope that you’ll be a part of this progress!

Thank you for your participation!


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