CableGate! Wikileaks begins dump amid DoS attack

November 28, 2010


The whistle-blower website Wikileaks followed through on it’s promise of a document dump. NBC reported Wikileaks was unable to upload the documents themselves as was under Denial of Service attacks. At the time of publication, was again available in Australia. We woke to the news this morning. Gail and I spent most of the morning sifting through early reactions on twitter and major media. Use the hashtag #cablegate.

The Guardian has a smashing interface to view the documents.

Most of the dump is not yet on line. It appears this will be a gradual dump. Opinions vary whether this is some brilliant calculation by Assange to spread it out, or is it a result of the size of the dump. Made more tricky my the DoS attacks. NBC also reported on the nightly news that the C.I.A. knew nothing about the DoS attacks.

Here in Australia, ABC News 24 had a former diplomat to middle east on who surprisingly supported Wikileaks. I will post video if it comes available.

None of this stuff is top level explosive. Anyone looking for who did 911 and JFK here, you will be left wanting. This is however is hardly the end of this story. Many of the items I have read or have taken reports of are just plain embarrassing. Others are great examples of the complexity of the world. Not to mention the hubris and strong arm tactics used in diplomacy.

It’s early days. Some feathers will be ruffled. There could be truly explosive things still in the pipe. I for one am making popcorn. The show could get interesting.

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