Obama Birth Certificate Law: Hawaii Can Now Ignore Repetitive Requests

Huffington Post

May 13, 2010

The state of Hawaii can now rejoice because they can ignore repeated requests for President Obama’s birth certificate.  It’s about time!  The best thing to do with these birthers is to laugh at them.  Therefore, thanks to the posters on the Huffington Post blog, here are some laughs!  Source Article

Ghost Dance 2010


Q: How do Birthers car pool?

A: They meet at work.

Q: What does a Birther have in common with a beer bottle?

A: They’re both empty from the neck up.

Q: Did you hear about the Birther that locked his keys in his car?

A: He had to use a coat hanger to get his family out.

Q. Why did the Birther stare at the Orange Juice carton?

A. Because it said, “CONCENTRATE”.

Q. Why did the prostitute refuse the Birther?

A. She didn’t do small jobs.

Q. Where do Birthers find dates?

A. Family Reunions.

Q. Why didn’t Birthers play hide and seek as children?

A. Because no one would look for them.

Q. What’s the difference between a Birther and a speed bump?

A. You slow down for the speed bump.

Q. What’s long, hard, and takes three years for a Birther?

A. Third  grade.

Q: How do you tell whom the Groom is at a Birther wedding?

A: He’s the guy wearing the CLEAN wifebeater.

“Q: What do Birthers and_sperm have in common?

A: Only one in a million succeed.”

“Q. How could the Birther who just got a vasectomy afford a new hunting rifle?

A. Crime Stoppers sent him a check for 500 dollars.”

“Q: What’s the difference between a bag of_sh*t and a Birther?

A: The bag.”

“Q. What do republicans call White_Supremacists convicted of_Terrorism?

A. Their base.”

“Q: How do you hide something from a Birther?

A: Put it in a textbook.”

“Q: What’s the difference between UFOs and a Birther with a college degree?

A: UFOs have been spotted.”

“Q. Why wouldn’t the Birther Dad let his twelve year old daughter smoke at the table?

A. It would set a bad example for their kids.”

“Q. What do Birthers call Sheep Ranchers?


“Q. What do you get when you cross a Birther with a gorilla?

A. A dumb gorilla.”

“Q. Why are there only two Pall Bearers at a Birther’s funeral?

A. There are only two handles on a garbage can.”


Q: “How do you get a beer out of a birther?

A: Stick your finger down his throat!”

Q: Why do Birthers wear no pants?

A: So they can count to “11!”



Q: How do you get a one armed Birther out of a tree?

A: Wave.


Q: How do you keep a Birther busy?

A: Put him in the Oval Office and tell him Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate is

hidden in the corner.

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  1. John Says:

    You guys love to laugh at birthers because you cannot cogently refute what was in the East Africa Press when Obama ran for Senator stating he was a native Kenyan, what his grandmother said, what MIchelle herself said, and what false addresses in the Hawaiian newspaper proved. The standard demented liberal activity is to ridicule those it cannot refute. Tired old Alinsky 101. Oh boy. Hiding information is proof there is something to hide! Duh! I like Dr. John Drew’s take on Obama’s Marxism at Occidental. A Marxist prof ought to be able to recognize a Marxist student and he did. Marxist ideas, soft or hard, failed in Tanzania and Congo and Europe. They will fail here. It is all so obvious to anyone who isn’t brainwashed or hypnotized. Wake up and smell the coffee!

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