Gretchen Carlson And Franklin Graham See “Assault On Christianity” In Prayer Day Court Decision

April 22, 2010


Franklin Graham is the beloved son of the beloved evangelist Billy Graham. But poor Franklin might not be able to give his National Day of Prayer sermon at the Pentagon because the evil secularists at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation are urging the Pentagon to cancel his speech because of past remarks that Graham has made about how Islam is “wicked” – comments which Christian right pastors and those who post on Fox Nation are in agreement with. So not surprisingly, Graham appeared this morning on the Fox News morning bible show otherwise known as Fox & Friends. Graham is being persecuted and Fox & Friends is there to provide sanctuary and a pulpit for Graham to proselytize from. His sermonette included a homily on that evil, librul judge who said that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. It also included the requisite right wing attack on Islam. Can somebody give me an amen!

LOL!! You simply must read the rest of this article, including the video, over at News Hounds. They watch Fox News so we don’t have to!


4 Responses to “Gretchen Carlson And Franklin Graham See “Assault On Christianity” In Prayer Day Court Decision”

  1. sparechange Says:

    Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t this censorship?

    Oh wait, I guess the only way he could have passed the censor’s test if he had shouted from the pulpit “God D**N America!”.

    I think I understand.

  2. rantingkeyboard Says:

    Oh, did Reverend Wright have his invitation rescinded, too? Wait, you mean Reverend Wright was NEVER even invited?? Oh, ok. For a minute there, it looked as though your comment was completely irrelevant, sparechange.

    But be sure to stop by again and stick up for people that preach hatred against those who practice other religions like, oh, say the Jews, the way dear old Franky preaches hatred against Muslims.

  3. sparkydunc Says:

    What do you want to bet, old sparechange has no clue what Reverend Wright was talking about.

    You see most Americans are sadly lacking when it comes to The fine history of our country, once we set about to become a world power after the Spanish American war.

    Sparechange start by reading about Teddy Roosevelt’s “Great White Fleet” That was the starting point when we started roaming around the world like all the other colonial European countries raping country’s of color for their resources.

    Maybe then you will understand the “God Dam America” quote.

  4. sparechange Says:

    I am just wondering if anybody out there either agrees with or disagrees with the statements that Franklin Graham said about Islam. So, just taking an unofficial poll here, is there anyone out there who believes that Shari’a Law is evil, neutral or good?

    Does anybody out there think that it’s a good idea for anyone who does not follow the teachings of the Prophet be guilty of apostacy?

    Is anyone out there aware that apostacy is the equivilent to high treason and punishible by capital punishment? (Beheading seems to be the method of choice)

    Does anybody out there believe that freedom of speech is protected under Shari’a Law?

    Is anyone out there nervous about an offense against Shari’a Law?

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