PS – ACORN Has Still Not Been Charged With Any Crime

January 27, 2010

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James O’Keefe only managed to get a couple of low-level ACORN workers fired, but he managed to get himself and three other people charged with felonies. Let me repeat that – if convicted, this republican darling will be a FELON. He’s nothing but a two-bit criminal, and it’s hilarious watching the neocons either defend him or act like they’ve never heard of him (like they used to do upon hearing Jack Abramoff’s name).

In case you missed me laughing in your face today, let me state it again:


Here’s what Rachel had to say about it.

[youtube ULLbr87ylfA]


5 Responses to “PS – ACORN Has Still Not Been Charged With Any Crime”

  1. lottirj Says:

    I wish to laugh in their face too.

    snort! snort! snort!
    (opps! Sorry, now I sound like a Repiglican.)

  2. sparkydunc Says:

    count me in too HAHAHAHA! no snort!

  3. dadman Says:

    “PS – ACORN Has Still Not Been Charged With Any Crime”

    Who cares . . . all I need to know is what goes on behind ACORN’s closed doors . . . gotta good look at that ( thanks James ) . . . ACORN .. NO SUPPORT FOR YOU =:0]

  4. dadman Says:

    When a criminal organization is caught red-handed, they break up into many other organizations to continue their illegal activities, but their goal is still the same. CORRUPTION and ripping off the American people. For Obama to be connected to ACORN for all these years, exposes a great deal about the man in the OVAL OFFICE!!!!

  5. rantingkeyboard Says:

    Exactly WHAT CRIME is ACORN guilty of, dadman? Don’t be giving me any of this imaginary bullshit that you and Faux News and the James O’Keefe felons dream up, either. I want you to specifically cite what crimes ACORN has been charged with, lack of convictions notwithstanding.

    And what exactly are Obama’s “long and deep” connections to ACORN specifically? Please keep in mind that most of the right wingnut paranoid bullshit you’ll no doubt attempt to present as fact has already either been completely debunked, or has proven to be an extremely gross over-exaggeration of the truth. But do please try to give it your most CREDIBLE best shot, anyhow.

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