Help End Mountain Removal Coal Mining Without Spending A Dime!

October 6, 2009

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You can join the fight to end the practice of mountain top removal coal mining, and it won’t cost you anything!

Just navigate your way over to, and click on “Sign Up” (it’s totally free and takes less than a minute). After you’ve signed up, click on the tab named “Project Fund“, and click on the project for Sustainable Energy and Economic Diversification in the Coal River Valley.

Now, you’ll have three votes to cast. You can cast them anyway you wish. Please consider giving one or all of them to this project, and help end the madness that West Virginians are forced to live with everyday. The winner will be announced on October 15th, so please don’t delay!

You’ll help the activists in the Coal River Valley earn a chance to win a $5,000 grant, you’ll confirm your position on environmental issues, and you’ll feel good doing it!

While you’re there, take some time to poke around the Brighter Planet website! They’re doing loads of good work there, and their site is full of useful information. Click on the tab marked “Your Footprint” and find out how big your own carbon footprint is, and ways you can help reduce it.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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  1. cowgirl Says:

    Me too babe! Hope EV1 did!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

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