Israel Conducting National War Drills

May 31, 2009


JERUSALEM (CNN) — Israel started its biggest emergency drill in the nation’s history Sunday to prepare civilians, soldiers and rescue crews for the possibility of war, the defense force said in a statement.

The five-day drill, nicknamed Turning Point 3, comes amid the nation’s rising tensions with Iran.

It will be conducted in public facilities, including schools, military bases and government offices. Students, soldiers and other civilians will practice how to gather at protected places during an emergency.

Officials said the drill will include simulated rockets, air raids and other attacks on infrastructure and essential facilities, and use of weapons on civilians.

Everyone is expected to go to a protected place at the sound of sirens, the defense force said, adding that more instructions will be broadcast on a public channel.

Israel has conducted emergency drills the past two years, but officials said this is the biggest so far.

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  1. Jon Fox Says:

    So Israel is planning another illegal war?

    When will we cut them off from the U.S. tit?!

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